Friday, EAS staff made our way to Las Vegas, NV for ///Mfest IV. We have been preparing for this weekend for a very long time, and show time is finally here.

As soon as our offices closed for the evening, the equipment was loaded up into the Sprinter:

After a few hours of driving to Las Vegas and were tired so we rested up and had lunch before we headed to the Palazzo to check in. After registration and checking into the rooms (in which it seemed only our bags were occupying)  we then headed out to the track to set up for the track day and car show at Las Vegas Speedway to gauge the area our booth would be set up at while allocating the booth layout.

Unloading while there was still sunlight, hoping to finish before the booth by the time the sun sets.

Being the first time this particular setup was used, we all gathered around to put the pieces together. It was a 50’x 30′ booth, so it was like an erector set on steroids.

Grouping all the aluminum pieces together so that we know how many of each we have, we started to mount the legs together.

In what seemed like minutes  the night begins to fall, leaving us with no light to work in. We ended up using the Sprinter’s headlights to light up the area and continue building the booth.

In the dark we worked very hard and rapidly to finish as soon as possible so we can enjoy our first night in Vegas.  Shortly after, the base of the booth put together and were ready to finish the rest of it.

After a few hours of hard work, the scaffolding was finally completed and we were exhausted – ready to head back to the hotel. After a long day of driving to Vegas and setting up for the track day,  our second wind came back and it was time to spend a little time on the Strip.

This concludes our first day of MFEST, stay tuned for the next entry!

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