Akrapovic Install – 2011 e90 M3 ZCP

We finally got to install the beautiful Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system that we had in our shop for the last week. If you look a few posts back you can see the product shots that we took in our studio; this exhaust is truly a work of art. Made in Slovenia, the exhaust is 100% titanium and every single detail is just perfect. While installing this system all of us here at eas commented on how easily and exactly the exhaust bolted into place with absolutely no problems. Overall this system saved 50lbs (!) over the heavy OEM exhaust.

As for the car, this brand new M3 ZCP sedan is fantastic. The color/body/wheel combo is very stunning in person and tt was only fitting that the owner demanded the best exhaust system on the market for this beauty. To make the car a little bit more beautiful we installed a pair of color-matched reflectors and s0me AngeliBright LED angel eyes. A reverse camera and a video source module was also installed as an extra feature.

Here is the car as it came from the dealership: bone stock.

Here are the AngeliBright LED angel eyes and the Silverstone II reflectors.

Reverse camera installation:

Last, but certainly not least, the Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System:

And the finished product, for now:

Here is a video of the exhaust in action:

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