Jerez Black e90 M3 Mini-Makeover

It’s not uncommon for us to see highly modified M3s in our shop; from aftermarket wheels, to elaborate suspension set-ups, to complete body kits. We sometimes forget that a few mild upgrades can really transform the look of an M3.

Here’s a good example of a completely stock 2008 M3 that can be transformed within a matter of a couple hours and a relatively low cost.

Items installed:
– Macht Schnell 18mm Spacers (Front)
– Macht Schnell 15mm Spacers (Rear)
– B&G Lowering Springs
– Matte Black Kidney Grills
– Matte Black Fender Gills
– BlackOut Roundel Package
– BlackOut M3 Badge
– AngeliBright LED Angel Eyes
– Macht Schnell Performance Air Filter
– City Light Coding

Here is the car when it first arrived at our shop. You can see that it is mostly stock except for some matte black kidney grills, which the customer wanted replaced due to some over spray from the previous owner.

Because we were installing a set of B&G lowering springs, we decided to take some detailed measurement pictures for before and after comparisons.

This photo shows how the stock wheels are slightly tucked, a problem that is easily solved with a set of Macht Schnell spacers.

B&G springs being installed:

Macht Schnell 18mm spacers in the front, 15mm in the rear (front shown):

Macht Schnell Performance Air Filter:

For a more modern appearance, we replaced the yellow halogen bulbs with AngeliBrights (LED). Since this was a dark colored car, coding out the city lights was next on the list for an overall clean appearance- removing any traces of amber from the vehicle.

(Click on this picture to view a before and after comparison animation.)

Here is the new ride height with the new springs.

BlackOut BMW roundels and matte black accents were installed for a more aggressive look:

With spacers installed the M3 has a much more planted and aggressive appearance. Combined with the springs, the sedan looks especially good with this set-up.

As an end result, we have an approximate 1″ drop, over 1″ of additional track width and an overall aggressive appearance for relatively little money.


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