Black e46 M3 Makeover

Here’s a great example of how an M3 can be transformed with a just a few modifications. Here is the car when it first came to us:

As you can see, the car is for the most part stock. The first item on the list was to ditch the stock suspension and install some KW V1 coilovers to lower the ride height of the car:

Replacing the stock air filter was next on the list:

To clean up the front of the car, we installed a set of DEPO smoked corners, Invisilite bulbs and a new set of OEM headlight lenses:



All of the interior lights were swapped out with whiter and brighter LED bulbs:

Finally we mounted the stock ZCP wheels with some Hankook V12 tires and some 12mm/10mm spacers. Here’s the finished product:

The e46 M3 is one of those cars looks perfect with just the right wheels, drop and stance. This car will be returning to us on Friday to get a set of our aurora 60 LED angel eyes installed.


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